As far back as 1999, I have found yoga to be the one constant in my life, the one thing that I could always return to for calming, healing and peace. Amidst a successful career in marketing and communications and the devastating loss of my mother to cancer, I realized my passion of sharing the benefits of yoga with others by enrolling for yoga teacher training and turning my focus towards deepening my understanding of how to heal and lead a happy life.

My style of teaching is friendly and approachable with an emphasis on honoring the body and allowing the breath and movement to heal the soul. I continue to study the therapeutic science behind yoga, and I'm developing practices and workshops focusing on the healing powers of yoga for trauma and grief.

I currently teach several weekly classes and workshops at Breathe @ Granville Yoga in Granville, Ohio, and at Denison University. I am always interested in bringing my style of teaching to other studios and businesses.

My love of writing and being in the presence of other creative professionals has led me to keep a foot in the door of the marketing and communications world. I enjoy helping respectable and caring businesses grow their impact in the world through thoughtful and intentional branding and communications efforts. See more here.

I live on several acres in a little hidden love nest in the woods in Granville (what we have dubbed Woodbird Farm) with my husband Duane and our dog Puddy. My husband is an artist, woodworker and contractor ( Together we plan to grow our businesses and our ability to live more simply with the plan to one day move to Costa Rica... or Southern Cali... or Kauai (the exact location may change but the dream remains).